Accounting Intern Scholarship Program

About AISP

Several top Chicago-area CPA offices work together to provide this innovative program that combines education and recruiting.

AISP provides a blend of group seminar and individual hands-on learningAISP is a ‘hands-on’ working accounting internship program designed to:

  • Introduce you to the cultures and people of multiple CPA firms and expose you to what they do on a daily basis
  • Show you, directly from partners and staff members, what type of work you can expect to encounter when you accept your first job in public accounting–possibly with one of the participating firms

AISP is a paid* summer internship program that will include:

  • Preparing corporate and individual income tax returns
  • Working on audit engagements
  • Using the QuickBooks software that clients are using to run their business
  • Learning about the various tax software programs most widely used by CPA firms
  • Preparing bank reconciliations, payroll tax returns, sales tax returns and financial statements of clients
  • Training in the use of a paperless document management software system to organize work papers for compilation, review and audit engagements
  • Participating in client meetings

AISP will also expose you to:

  • How CPA firms market to get new clients and keep existing ones
  • What it takes to be a successful staff member in a CPA firm
  • The variety of clients and industries our firms service
  • Networking opportunities you can build on throughout your career
  • Renowned industry leaders, advisors, and consultants for the accounting profession

The AISP Summer Sessions are generally held Monday through Thursday,
from 9 am to 5 pm, beginning the first full week of June.

**A stipend of $2,500 paid directly to your school to be applied towards your next semester tuition costs.