Since AISP’s beginning in 2012, 40 interns have participated in the program. Of those, 19 have accepted job offers from participating firms.


Seven Out of Twelve Interns Hired by Participating Firms

We are pleased to announce that, so far, seven of the twelve interns from the 2015 AISP session have accepted job offers from the participating firms.

That means that over the four years, 19 out of 40 interns have found employment with a participating firm. Plus, a few other interns have been able to connect with other CPA firms due to their participation in the program.

Interested in being part of this program? Application information will be posted later this fall.

Time to Celebrate!

Accounting Intern Scholarship Program Completes 4th Successful Year!

To celebrate the completion of AISP’s fourth year on July 23, 2015, the twelve interns joined representatives from all six participating firms at Arlington International Racecourse for an afternoon of fun and networking.

The firms will begin contacting interns for interviews next week.


The interns were able to visit with staff and partners from all six CPA firms–and get some suggestions on which horses to pick.

AISP celebration at Arlington International Racecourse

(l-r) Thomas Dubinski, Liam Mundt, Michael Pawlicki, Julie Cukla, Daniel Austin, Patricia Greenfeld, Aaron Feld, Caroline Cunningham, Tara Cloonan, Emily Mortimer, Dylan Creger and Stilian Pironkov.

Welcome to the AISP 2015 Interns!

Meet the 12 interns selected for the 2015 AISP session…

2015 AISP Interns

(back, l-r) Stilian Pironkov (Triton College), Daniel Austin (University of Illinois), Liam Mundt (Indiana University), Aaron Feld (University of Illinois), Thomas Dubinki (Loyola University), Michael Pawlicki (Iowa State University) and Dylan Creger (Olivet Nazarene University). (front, l-r) Tara Cloonan (Elmhurst College), Patricia Greenfeld (Roosevelt University), Caroline Cunningham (University of Illinois), Emily Mortimer (Elmhurst College) and Julie Cukla (Elmhurst College)

Tuesday, June 2 was orientation day. After a brief overview of how the eight-week session would work, the interns had a chance to meet individually with representatives from each of the six firms in 15-minute speed meeting sessions. The interns will spend the next six days getting an “inside look” at each firm, along with training on various accounting topics.

2015 AISP orientation day speed meeting

The interns will continue to learn about various accounting topics, such as sales tax, payroll tax, QuickBooks, S-corp tax, audit and valuations, throughout the eight-week program. At the end of the program, the interns experience a couple of weeks of hands-on/shadowing work to better understand what happens on a day-to-day basis at the firms.

Summer 2015 AISP Session Starts June 2nd

We’re just a few weeks away from the start of our 2015 Accounting Intern Scholarship Program (AISP). Twelve interns were selected from the more than 60 applications and inquiries we received.

Schools represented this year are:

  • Elmhurst College (3)
  • Indiana University (1)
  • Iowa State University (1)
  • Loyola University (1)
  • Olivet Nazarene University (1)
  • Roosevelt University (1)
  • Triton College (1)
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (3)

Watch for more information as we near our start date. Information on our Summer 2016 session will be available this fall.

Unique Internship Program Completes Third Successful Year


(l-r) The 2014 AISP interns: Gergana Tsvetkova, Corey Lettieri, Meghan Creed, Michael Bolnick, Ashley Barak, Tim Reichert, Sandra Ramirez, Sean Tews, Matt Wydra, Tim Martin

The Accounting Intern Scholarship Program (AISP) finished its third year on July 24, 2014. To celebrate, the ten interns joined representatives from all six participating firms at Arlington International Racecourse for an afternoon of fun and networking.

AISP accepts eight to ten interns each summer. The interns spend time at each participating firm and meet dozens of professionals. Upon completion of the program, each intern receives a $2,500 scholarship paid directly to their university.

This unique program’s continued success is due to the collaboration of partners and staff at all participating firms. Everyone involved contributes a great deal of time and effort, which all of the interns greatly appreciate. Here are comments from several of the interns:

“Thank you so much for devoting a great deal of your time to the AISP Program. I really appreciate the effort put forth in teaching me many of the necessary skills needed to work in a CPA firm. I have so much knowledge to take away from the program that I would have never learned in school.” – Meghan Creed, Elmhurst College

“Getting the chance to participate in the AISP program was definitely a unique learning experience. I was exposed to so much of the accounting profession that I knew nothing about before. The opportunity to use the various software programs, meet accounting professionals, and interact with the other interns was great. I enjoyed the hands-on work and I feel that this internship is great at bridging the gap between the accounting theories we learn in school versus accounting in the real world. Every one of the professionals I worked with was helpful and genuinely answered any questions I had. I strongly recommend this program for any accounting major looking to apply classroom knowledge and gain real world experience.” – Sandra Ramirez, DePaul University

“AISP gave me a great idea of what it’s like to work in public accounting, and now I’m excited to do just that. I loved being able to work with six different firms in the program. All the participants were incredibly helpful and I know I will greatly benefit from what I learned as I start my career.” – Tim Martin, Roosevelt University

“AISP not only covers a great deal of accounting material, but also gives you a great idea of what the average day of an accountant is like. Everyone involved with the program was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help. This program is a great medium between the classroom and the working world, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career in accounting.” – Sean Tews, Elmhurst College

“Being a part of AISP has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much and have been able to apply the book knowledge I learned in school to the practical accounting we were exposed to both during training and when there was shadowing. My favorite aspect was the large amount of practical knowledge I gained. I now know what it is like to be a CPA and the tasks that are done on a day-to-day basis. I also loved going to the six different firms and being able to experience the differences in cultures. Being a part of AISP has shown me what it is like to be a CPA and where I want my career to take me.” – Ashley Barak, Judson University

“The presenters in the Program have provided me with valuable experience with using different accounting software that I have had no prior exposure to. I have also learned other skills related to accounting that will be useful in my future career.” – Matt Wydra, Trinity Christian College

The firms also appreciate the effort shown by the interns and have started interviews for employment. At least three interns from 2014 have accepted offers, which makes nine interns so far from the past three years who have found employment with a participating firm.

Thoughts on AISP 2014

The interns have completed over half of the 2014 Accounting Intern Scholarship Program. Here are some of their thoughts on what they’ve experienced so far:

“The presenters in the Program have provided me with valuable experience with using different accounting software that I have had no prior exposure to. I have also learned other skills related to accounting that will be useful in my future career.”

–Matt Wydra

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed AISP so far. A great feature of the internship is the opportunity to work with six different accounting firms, and I’ve enjoyed experiencing the different work cultures. This aspect of the program has provided me a much broader experience than the typical internship with one firm. It has also been beneficial to learn the various accounting software used by the firms, like QuickBooks and UltraTax. I also really enjoyed shadowing, where I had the chance to help with an audit at a client site. With the way things are going, I feel that I’ll have a good idea of what public accounting is all about.”

–Tim Martin