Welcome to the AISP 2015 Interns!

Meet the 12 interns selected for the 2015 AISP session…

2015 AISP Interns

(back, l-r) Stilian Pironkov (Triton College), Daniel Austin (University of Illinois), Liam Mundt (Indiana University), Aaron Feld (University of Illinois), Thomas Dubinki (Loyola University), Michael Pawlicki (Iowa State University) and Dylan Creger (Olivet Nazarene University). (front, l-r) Tara Cloonan (Elmhurst College), Patricia Greenfeld (Roosevelt University), Caroline Cunningham (University of Illinois), Emily Mortimer (Elmhurst College) and Julie Cukla (Elmhurst College)

Tuesday, June 2 was orientation day. After a brief overview of how the eight-week session would work, the interns had a chance to meet individually with representatives from each of the six firms in 15-minute speed meeting sessions. The interns will spend the next six days getting an “inside look” at each firm, along with training on various accounting topics.

2015 AISP orientation day speed meeting

The interns will continue to learn about various accounting topics, such as sales tax, payroll tax, QuickBooks, S-corp tax, audit and valuations, throughout the eight-week program. At the end of the program, the interns experience a couple of weeks of hands-on/shadowing work to better understand what happens on a day-to-day basis at the firms.