Thoughts on AISP 2014

The interns have completed over half of the 2014 Accounting Intern Scholarship Program. Here are some of their thoughts on what they’ve experienced so far:

“The presenters in the Program have provided me with valuable experience with using different accounting software that I have had no prior exposure to. I have also learned other skills related to accounting that will be useful in my future career.”

–Matt Wydra

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed AISP so far. A great feature of the internship is the opportunity to work with six different accounting firms, and I’ve enjoyed experiencing the different work cultures. This aspect of the program has provided me a much broader experience than the typical internship with one firm. It has also been beneficial to learn the various accounting software used by the firms, like QuickBooks and UltraTax. I also really enjoyed shadowing, where I had the chance to help with an audit at a client site. With the way things are going, I feel that I’ll have a good idea of what public accounting is all about.”

–Tim Martin