AISP has been a tremendous success for all the interns, CPA firms and their partners and staff who participated. Here is what some of the interns say about the program:

2016 AISP Alumni

Dana Goggin, 2016 AISP intern“Being a part of the AISP was truly a unique and rewarding experience.  We engaged in many relevant presentations and workshops covering various accounting topics. We were then able to use that knowledge and work on tax and audit projects.  Not only did I learn a lot about public accounting, I was able to network with several professionals from each firm that really wanted to see us succeed in this profession.  Thank you to all the firms who invested so much time in the program.”  – Dana Goggin, Augustana College

Jack Kegermann, 2016 AISP Intern“AISP has been one of the greatest experiences for me both professionally and socially. This program helps you explore what makes working in a small to midsize firm so unique. We were able to work on our technical skills while being exposed to real work and also had the opportunity to network with a large amount of people in each firm from new employees to partners. After completing this program, I truly understand what it means to work for a CPA firm and what makes each firm unique. Everyone who is involved with the program is extremely friendly, helpful and easy to work with.” – Jack Kegermann, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2015 AISP Alumni

Michael Pawlicki, 2015 AISP intern“AISP has been an incredible experience from beginning to end. Through this program, I have gained exposure to many aspects of the profession that I wouldn’t have experienced in the classroom, including hands-on work, networking with accounting professionals, and actually learning what it’s like to be an accountant in the real world. Most of all, I left the program with the peace of mind of knowing that I had chosen a career that would lead me down a path of fulfillment and enjoyment. With all of this in mind, I can say with certainty that applying for this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made.” – Michael Pawlicki, Iowa State University

Thomas Dubinski, 2015 AISP“AISP gave me everything I need to be successful in public accounting.  I enjoyed everything about it from the work to the people.  If not for this program and all of its training and mentoring, school would not have been enough.  It covered everything from the mechanics of the job to the life of working in a CPA Firm.  I want to thank everyone from all of the firms for taking the time and resources to put this program together and giving me an experience I will take with me through my career.” – Tom Dubinski, Loyola University of Chicago

Caroline Cunningham, 2015 AISP“During AISP this summer, I learned a lot about a variety of accounting topics and met many helpful and friendly professionals across all six firms. This program is very beneficial because it expands on material taught in school through real world applications and exposure to different software programs. I am grateful for this unique experience and definitely feel that the program is a great way to find out more about public accounting.” – Caroline Cunningham, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Julie Cukla, 2015 AISP“Participating in AISP was an amazing and unique experience. From the combination of presentations, software training, practice sets, hands-on learning, and shadowing, I was able to learn what a career in public accounting is like. I really enjoyed going to the six firms and experiencing the different cultures. Also, everyone I met in the program was friendly, helpful and dedicated to the profession. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, and I would definitely recommend this program to accounting students interested in public accounting.” – Julie Cukla, Elmhurst College

2014 AISP Alumni

Meghan Creed, 2014 AISP Intern“Thank you so much for devoting a great deal of your time to the AISP Program. I really appreciate the effort put forth in teaching me many of the necessary skills needed to work in a CPA firm. I have so much knowledge to take away from the program that I would have never learned in school.” – Meghan Creed, Elmhurst College, hired by Weltman Bernfield


Sandra Ramirez, 2014 AISP Intern“Getting the chance to participate in the AISP program was definitely a unique learning experience. I was exposed to so much of the accounting profession that I knew nothing about before. The opportunity to use the various software programs, meet accounting professionals, and interact with the other interns was great. I enjoyed the hands-on work and I feel that this internship is great at bridging the gap between the accounting theories we learn in school versus accounting in the real world. Every one of the professionals I worked with was helpful and genuinely answered any questions I had. I strongly recommend this program for any accounting major looking to apply classroom knowledge and gain real world experience.” – Sandra Ramirez, DePaul University

Tim Martin, 2014 AISP Intern“AISP gave me a great idea of what it’s like to work in public accounting, and now I’m excited to do just that. I loved being able to work with six different firms in the program. All the participants were incredibly helpful and I know I will greatly benefit from what I learned as I start my career.” – Tim Martin, Roosevelt University, hired by BIK & Co


Sean Tews. 2014 AISP Intern“AISP not only covers a great deal of accounting material, but also gives you a great idea of what the average day of an accountant is like. Everyone involved with the program was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to help. This program is a great medium between the classroom and the working world, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career in accounting.” – Sean Tews, Elmhurst College, hired by Porte Brown

Ashley Barak, 2014 AISP Intern“Being a part of AISP has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much and have been able to apply the book knowledge I learned in school to the practical accounting we were exposed to both during training and when there was shadowing. My favorite aspect was the large amount of practical knowledge I gained. I now know what it is like to be a CPA and the tasks that are done on a day-to-day basis. I also loved going to the six different firms and being able to experience the differences in cultures. Being a part of AISP has shown me what it is like to be a CPA and where I want my career to take me.” – Ashley Barak, Judson University, hired by Porte Brown

Matt Wydra, 2014 AISP Intern“The presenters in the Program have provided me with valuable experience with using different accounting software that I have had no prior exposure to. I have also learned other skills related to accounting that will be useful in my future career.” – Matt Wydra, Trinity Christian College

2013 AISP Alumni

Samiyah-Siddique“I have never seen or heard of any internship that even compares to the AISP! I learned more in 8 weeks than I feel I would have in an entire semester at school. I was amazed by all the time and effort the staff willingly put in. Everyone was willing to help and answer our questions. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!” – Samiyah Siddiqui, University of Illinois-Chicago, hired by The Hechtman Group


John-Bagnuolo-adj2“I learned more than I ever could have imagined by participating in this program. [The] personal interest in both the success of the internship and each of the interns made my experience that much more enjoyable. I hope that this program will last for many years to come because it truly is a one of a kind experience.” – John Bagnuolo, Augustana College, hired by BIK & Co


Kyle-Miller“The internship program has been a vastly positive experience thus far.  I am able to apply what I’ve learned in school as well as what I’ve learned in the training sessions to the real world.” – Kyle Miller, Illinois State University



Joshua-Vishoot-rev“My favorite part has been the shadowing at the clients and firms. The training has also been very well done to bridge the gap between what is taught in school and how it actually looks and works when applied with real clients.” – Joshua Vishoot, University of Illinois-Chicago


Julia-Svechnikova“I really like this internship program because it gives me the opportunity to learn about different fields of accounting in theory as well as in practice. All of the participating firms are extremely nice and helpful.   I also learn a lot every day about many types of accounting software used by contemporary accountants as well as alternative cloud services.  I would certainly recommend this program to all students who want to get a feel of what the real accounting world is.” – Julia Svechnikova, University of Illinois-Chicago

2012 AISP Alumni

Feiyin Song, Loyola University 2012 intern“I certainly know what I should do in the next step and now I am quite sure what my career path will be. Thank you for giving me these great experiences and memories and I am so proud of myself to be a member of this internship program.” – Feiyin Song, Loyola University


Blake Zemaitis, DePaul University 2012 intern“I am truly grateful for all of the guidance and experience that you enabled me to receive. The resources devoted to help us increase our knowledge and achieve our goals were beyond exceptions.” – Blake Zemaitis, DePaul University, hired by Brown Kaplan + Liss


Robert Pekovitch, Loyola University 2012 intern“The internship was a great experience that will be a tremendous asset as I begin my career. Gaining exposure to all facets of public accounting and five CPA firms in one program is truly remarkable and simply unheard of.” – Robert Pekovitch, Loyola University


Pawel Szeliski, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012 intern“I really enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to intern for your firm. I also enjoyed the shadowing, the culture index, the guests. Thanks for putting this together.” – Pawel Szeliski, University of Illinois at Chicago



Faith Freeman, Southern Illinois University, 2012 intern“Thank you for taking the time out of your professional work schedule to create a program that will successfully launch my peers and I into the career that you yourself are so passionate about. I am confident that I will move forward into the accounting career I have worked so hard for.” – Faith Freeman, Southern Illinois University


Meirong Chen, DePaul University, 2012 intern“I want to thank everybody for taking the time to share their expertise, knowledge and experience in the field. It was through those times that I felt I was able to learn and grow the most. All the people were so responsive to my requests and they always made me feel like I was part of the group.” – Meirong Chen, DePaul University